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How To Get Australian PR Visa?

Do you want to know how to get Australian PR visa? Australia has over 40 different visa categories and attracts migrants from around the world. An Australian PR visa allows you to live, study and work in Australia indefinitely. However, PR holders are not considered citizens – if you meet the eligibility criteria, you can look into how to get Australian citizenship at a later stage. First, let’s look at how to get Australian visa.

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Why Australian PR is best for Indians?

Australian PR has many advantages for Indians. Firstly, Australia is one of the easier countries to migrate to. The country has high standards of living and offers migrants a chance to enjoy a good balance of work and play. Education is free or subsidized and the country has some of the best healthcare facilities. It also offers rewarding employment opportunities and a strong economy.

Australian Visa Types

Most Australian visa types can be categorized as:

  • Family-stream permanent residence visas

These are designed for parents, partners, children and dependent relatives of Australian citizens, certain New Zealand citizens and existing PR visa holders.

  • Work-stream permanent residence visas

A working visa Australia is for working professionals being sponsored by Australian employers or those with valued skills.

  • Business or investment-stream permanent residence visas

These visas are for entrepreneurs, business owners and high net worth individuals willing to invest in Australia.

Other options that do not fall into these three Australian visa types are retirement visas, global talent visas, former resident visas and refugee visas.

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Which Australian PR Visa is Best for Indians?

Most people looking at how to get Australian visa are at a stage in their life when they are building careers. Hence, it isn’t hard to see why the Australia work visa for Indians is the most popular PR route.

There are many different types of working visa Australia depending on the type of work the applicant will be doing and his/her educational qualifications. For PR purposes, most Indians look at a post-study working visa Australia or a working visa Australia for skilled/highly specialized work.

Let’s look closer into how to get Australian visa through these two routes.

  • Post-study Australia work visa for Indians

There are 4 visas in this category with the 485 visa Australia being the most popular. This visa allows international students to study, live and work in Australia for 2-4 years. This is the main advantage of the 485 visa Australia since other post-study visas allow visa holders to stay for only up to 2 years.

To be eligible for a 485 visa Australia, the applicant must be under 50 years of age, have held a student visa in the last 6 months and be qualified in a CRICOS-registered course.

  • Australia work visa for Indians doing skilled/highly specialized work

There are 12 types of Australia work visa for Indians doing skilled/highly specialized work. The duration of stay permitted by these visas ranges from 6 months to a permanent stay.

The 491 visa Australia is one of the most sought-after Australian visas. This Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa allows migrants and their family units to live and work in a designated region of Australia for up to 5 years. As long as the visa is valid, the visa holder can enter and leave Australia as many times as they want. After 3 years, 491 visa Australia holders may be eligible to apply for permanent residency.

To be eligible for a 491 visa Australia, applicants must be invited to apply for a visa, nominated by an Australian state or territory government agency or sponsored by an eligible relative. They must be under the age of 45 years, have control over functional English, have suitable skills, meet health, skills and character requirements and score a minimum of 65 points on the visa scoring chart.

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Get Your Australian PR Visa Application Started

Once you choose a route for how to get Australian visa and how to get Australian citizenship, you must check to ensure that you are edible for the visa. Each category has its own criteria. Getting your documents in place and filling up forms can be hard to manage on your own. You must meet timelines as well. That’s why it’s better to work with a reputed visa agency like Zephyr Visa.

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How to get Australian citizenship by investment?

Australia does not have a direct citizenship by investment route but you could apply for a 188, 132 or 888 visa and apply for citizenship after spending 4 years in the country as a permanent resident. This route is preferred by investors, entrepreneurs and business owners.

How to get Australian visa?

You can get an Australian visa by applying as a dependent relative of an Australian citizen/ permanent resident, by applying for a work visa or by following the investment route. Zephyr Visa can help you assess which route is best for you and how to go about the application.

What are the minimum points required for Australian PR?

The minimum points required for Australian PR are 65 points. These points are calculated on the basis of the applicant’s age, proficiency in English, work experience in and out of Australia, educational qualifications and certain other points. The higher you score, the better your chances of getting PR.

How to get a working visa in Australia?

A working visa is one of the best answers to how to get Australian visa. Working visas range from visas specifically for air or sea crew or visas for skilled professionals. A 491 work visa allows migrants to live and work in the country for 5 years and makes them eligible for PR and citizenship.

What are the key benefits of Australian PR?

There are many benefits of Australian PR. Permanent residents can live, study and work in Australia indefinitely. Living in Australia gives Permanent Residents many opportunities for employment, a good work-life balance, free or subsidized education for children, reliable healthcare and opportunities for recreatio

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