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Zephyrvisa is the best service provider for PR Visa, Work Visa, Family Visa, Business Visa and Student Visa.

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About Us

At Zephyrvisa, we don’t just meet your expectations; we strive to exceed them. For our team of migration experts, your needs and convenience always come first.

Zephyrvisa is one of the leading immigration service providers in Bangalore. Over the past ten years, we have helped hundreds of people settle down in Australia, Canada, Denmark and Hong Kong.

Our Mission

To provide quality-driven, fast and reliable services to clients wishing to migrate out of India.

Our Vision

To be the first choice for migrants seeking help with student, business, family and other migrant visas and permanent residencies

Our Promise

To offer expert solutions and excellent service from start to finish for every visa applicant.

PR Visa For You – Settling In Abroad?

When you want to move abroad to study further, to work or to set up your own business, you should partner with us. Zephyrvisa offers helps with every stage of the immigration process with student visas, work visas and business visas.

We take care of all the visa logistics so you can focus on the personal aspects of moving abroad. We’ll help you identify the visa best suited to your needs, put together all the certificates and documents needed to prove your eligibility, set up interviews and hold your hand through every step of the way.

PR Visa For You And Your Family

Why live alone in a foreign country when you can share the experience with your loved ones… We help you immigrate along with your family and dependents.

Depending on the visa you hold, you can be joined by your spouse, children and in some cases you’re your fiancé. We help you put together the relevant paperwork to be a sponsor and help your family apply and get the temporary or permanent visas needed to join you.

We also help with temporary visas and travel visas for friends and family who may want to visit you.

Where can we help you migrate?

We help migrants get visas and permanent residencies in 4 countries.


A country with excellent opportunities for education and work and a great work-life balance. The United Nations ranked Canada the best country to live in.


A melting pot of cultures from across the world, Australia has a high Human development Index and a number of lucrative offers that appeal to talented immigrants.


With a point based immigration policy, Denmark welcomes skilled workers with relevant educational and work experience.

Hong Kong

A country that welcomes students and skilled workers, Hong Kong has no cap on the number of immigrants that can live in the country.

Why choose us?

We guide you through every step of the immigration process but that’s not the only reason you should let us handle your visa application.

Expert Knowledge

We keep track of migration laws so that your application meets all the current requirements.

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Personalized Service

We treat each client as a unique case and give you the guidance and help you need to get your visa in the shortest time possible.

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Transparent Processing

We are clear and upfront about all our fees and guarantee no hidden, last-minute additional costs.

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Reliable Assistance

Our team of migration experts is always accessible on call and through email.

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